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  • Let’s talk bridal

    First and foremost, congratulations on finding each other! Your greatest adventure has just begun and I am wishing you only the best for the years to come!
    Today it's just about you and your wedding. Today you're the center of attention and I'll make sure that you'll love it. You are going to look amazing and I am going to make sure of it.
    That's why I have prepared a suite of services to help you make this day memorable for the decades to come. Please rest assured that both my experience and my kit cover all your needs, no matter your cultural background or where are you coming from.

    Note: We are who we are and we love who we love. I am happy to offer my services to LGBT couples and community.

    The only one

    Devoted to detail. You want everything to be perfect and I want you to be perfect! Here are some reference points, but everything can be tailored to your exact requirements. So don't hesitate to contact me for an exact quote, according to your needs and requests.

    Bridal makeup

    Soft and natural, glamourous, vintage or daring, no matter what you choose, you are unique and this will beautifully be reflected in every aspect of your makeup. The bridal makeup application includes trial: we will discuss here about the skincare, your expectations regarding the look, the color scheme, the right products for you and so much more, If you choose to wear false eyelashes on your weeding day, trial includes a pair of complimentary eye lashes as well. (Please be aware that I do not do a bridal make-up application without a prior trial).
    Bridal makeup (includes trial): from 2700czk
    Makeup trial - is a must and represents the advance for the whole bridal makeup service: from 1500czk
    Makeup (on the wedding day) includes luxury skin prep, makeup application, temporary lash extensions, convenience fee and travel within Prague: 2700czk (price of the whole bridal makeup) - 1500czk (price of the makeup trial) = 1200czk (price of the makeup on the actual wedding day)
    Evening weddings - if an updated or completely different look is required for the evening reception, this service has to be agreed and paid for in advance - price upon request Parties of 6 or larger require a second artist.

    Wedding hair style

    Will be thought and made to sustain and compliment your whole look. You can choose any hair style and I will make sure it looks great and it lasts you all day and all night.
    The wedding hair style includes trial (Please be aware that I do not do a wedding hair style without a prior trial): from 2500 czk.
    Hair trial - is a must and represents the advance for the whole wedding hair style: from 1500czk
    Hair on the wedding day: 2500czk (price of the whole bridal hairstyle) - 1500czk (price of the hairstyle trial) = 1000czk (price of the hairstyle on the actual wedding day)

    Bridal package: both makeup and hair

    I can do them both, just as good. It is faster and easier for both of us. You will feel confident, yet very comfortable in your bridal look. Both makeup and hair style trials are included in the bridal package: from 4500czk (Please be aware that I do not do a bridal make-up application and hair style without a prior trial).
    Makeup and hair style trial - is a must and represents the advance for the whole bridal package from 2500czk.
    Makeup and hair style on the wedding day: 4500czk (price of the whole bridal look) - 2500czk (price of the makeup and hairstyle trial) = 2000czk (price of the bridal look on the actual wedding day)
    My luxurious Whole-day Wedding Service means that I will be doing your entire bridal look, be there with you for any touch-ups and day-to-evening transformations (a second makeup look, a slightly different hairstyle etc.) � price upon request

    Assistance during the day

    If you want assistance during the day, maybe for a prewedding photo session, for a ceremony, for a change of looks or for any other occasion you might need, I am here to help you and to make you look picture perfect every minute - from 500czk/hour

    Prewedding/engagement makeup and hair

    Are you planning a photoshoot in the always amazing Prague or in some other amazing location? Or maybe a rehearsal dinner with your family and friends? I work around the clock to make you look your best! From sunrise till sundown, I can either do the look, join you for the day or any other option that is best suited for you.
    The package consists of either makeup application and hairstyle or 4 hours assistance during the day: from 3800czk
    Hair and makeup services are also available separately � price upon request.

    Service for guests

    For every important person in your life, your mom, grandma, sister or best friends or anybody else, I have just what they need to look nice and polished for your big day: from 1500czk for both makeup and simple hairstyle and from 1000czk for either makeup or hairstyle
    If any of your guests needs a trial as well, price will be agreed upon request and individually.


    - Blow Out Added to Any Full Style: 500czk per person
    - Men's Grooming: 700czk per person
    - Tattoo Coverage: from 1200czk per person (depends on the tattoo's dimension, complexity etc)
    - Additional Artist or Stylist 1500czk per hour with 3 hours minimum
    - Bridal Touch-up Products available for purchase
    - Special requests for particular products such as specific skin care, couture lashes etc.
    - Travel fee: 4czk/km outside Prague. For events outside Czech Republic, there are additional costs for travel time and food/accommodation expenses: price upon request
    - Early Morning Fee: 700czk per hour before 7:00am/per artist or stylist
    - Holiday Fee: 1500czk per artist/stylist for major holidays.

  • We all know that some nights are more important than others, so here I am, ready to make you sparkle even after the sun goes down.

    Got a fancy party or a girls' night out? Is the awards night with the red carpet and everything? Or maybe it's prom day and you are looking to be just amazing?

    Leave your worries aside about the makeup and hair and let me take care of it, because tonight it's all about you!

    Makeup only: from 50 EURO /1200 czk
    Makeup and hair styling: from 70 EURO /1800czk

  • Every now and then we all have important events in our lives that need our special attention. Maybe we're talking about a classy business dinner/meeting where you want to make an impression or maybe you got a big date tonight that you want to look your very best. I got all of these covered for you with quality makeup, hair styles and products that will take away all the worries from you and will let you focus on yourself.

    Makeup only: from 50 EURO / 1200 czk
    Makeup and hair styling: from 70 EURO / 1800 czk

  • Are you looking to impress the camera and have the perfect makeup and hairstyle for a photo or video shooting? Or maybe you are looking for the best version of yourself for the legal documents or for your business portraits. I am here for you with professional services to make you shine, using various make up applications for any commercial needs, including men's grooming. Relying on high definition appropriate and high-quality cosmetics, the makeup application can be built around natural or artificial lighting concepts. My fully mobile service will work at any location for photo shoots, corporate commercials, advertisements, headshots, portraits and more. RPM is offering makeup and hairstyle for:

    - Headshots for legal documents and business portraits from 60 EURO / 1500 czk (for both makeup and hair style)

    - Advertising / commercials / movies - Price depends on the agreed details and is offered upon request:
    half day rate (4 hours): 160 EURO / 4150 czk
    full day rate (8hours): 260 EURO / 6500 czk
    or according to the agreement, starting at 20 EURO / 500 czk per hour

    - Photo/video sessions (pre-wedding, pre-engagement, family portrait, pregnancy, boudoir, editorial etc.)
    - Makeup only: from 80 EURO / 2000 czk
    - Hair only: from 40 EURO / 1000 czk
    - Makeup and hair: from 100 EURO / 2500 czk
    - Men's grooming: from 40 EURO / 1000 czk
    - Assistance during photoshoot (touch-ups, makeup and hairstyle changes): from 20 EURO / 500 czk per hour

  • Have you ever wished to do your makeup just as good as a professional makeup artist would do it? Let me share my knowledge with you, teach you all the tips and tricks!

    Do you know a young lady who is starting to enjoy make-up and wants to improve her technical skills with some beauty coaching? Let me guide her first steps into the world of make-up, teach her what a classy, elegant, timeless and well executed makeup application means.

    My private lesson services are completely catered to your daily and individual needs.
    Whether you are looking for something subtle and barely there, a polished look for the office or full-out glam, I am here to teach you how to apply your makeup like a professional. From color correction and matching your skin tone, to false eyelash application, playing with texture and complex color schemes, I will listen to your questions and concerns and give you a customized, hands on, step by step lesson of skincare and makeup application.

    This service is ideal in an one-on-one like setting in the comfort of your home, where you can show me all your makeup and skincare products and I will be teaching you how to use them best. Or you can come in my studio and play with all my products - I can advise on both affordable products available on the local market (and abroad) or high-end makeup and skincare, we can polish a look you love or find a fresh new one.
    I am a makeup geek and I would love to share my passion of all things beauty with you, to make you feel your most beautiful, empowered and confident in a world that is so self-conscious about the image.

    Price: from 500czk/hour (a minimum of 3 hours is required)

  • Are you interested to learn more about makeup with your friends, family or colleagues? RPM offers a variety of workshops tailored to your needs, for smaller or larger group of people looking to learn or deepen their knowledge in any of the makeup fields. Are you interested in an everyday makeup look? Do you want to know more about a specific technique or to master it? I can help you! If you want details about a private workshop for a party, a night out with your friends, a prom, a work event, a bachelorette party or any other kind of occasion, please don't hesitate to contact me!