Makeup Artist

Hey there! I am Roxana and welcome into my world! Here you will get to know me and my work and also find all the details of what I can do to make your precious moments unforgettable.
Having a background in mechanical engineering and screenwriting, I understand the importance of both technical and artistic skills, bringing into my artistry the best of both worlds.
I've been passionate of beauty in many of its forms my whole life, but only in the last several years I've decided to dedicate my full attention and energy to this form of artistic expression.
This is why, leaving the corporate world behind, I have directed all my resources and energy to master and perfect my makeup skills, traveling all around the world to get the best education and to find the best practices and makeup tools.
It is said that true art is simple yet effectively reveals self-expression by enhancing the natural beauty, building it into perfection. While I love painting an amazing make-up, my goal is not the beauty of the make-up itself, but to make you look flawless and to enhance your natural beauty by also bringing out your inner confidence. Best part of my job is when you look into the mirror and smile with confidence for how beautiful you feel.
Rest assured that together we will discover the best version of yourself for the right moment.

- Master PRO A-Z by Makeup Institute Prague
- "Bulletproof Bride"- trainer Kevin James Bennett
- "Eyeliner pencil, eyeliner gel, watercolors techniques" - trainer Natalia Clima
- "Beauty and photo make-up" - trainer Nataliya Naida
- "Colors' mathematics" - trainer Liudmila Tarakanova
- "Different textures" � trainer Maria Lihacheva
- "Lighting for Makeup Artists 101" - trainer Sarah Seidman Vance
- "The Muagrapher Experience" - trainers Roque Cozzette, Danessa Myricks, Fidel Gonzalez
- "Techniques for color correction" - trainer Marietta Carter-Narcisse
- "Social Media & power of influence, building a successful Image, Brand & Business" - trainer Eve Pearl
- "Basic hairstyle" - trainer Martina Kottová
- "Wedding and prom hair" - trainer Martina Jagr
- Makeup Demo by Jordan Liberty
- IMATS Los Angeles, 2018

Photographers, directors, clients and projects I have had the pleasure to work with/for:
- Lukas Dvorak
- Simian Coates
- Nikola Šrajerová
- Zdeněk Buchlák
- Jan Černý
- Cromatica Photography
- Daniel Munteanu Stefan
- Ionut Ghighileanu
- Magnus Olsson Häll
- Diana Karská
- Petr Zmek - Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
- Gabriela Atanasov - Fashion Blogger Sweet Paprika for social media project #20project
- Absolut Vodka - Product lunch for Absolut Vodka event - #absolutuncover
- Lukas Stibor for Angee - The automated home protection solution
- Sonya Zouiten Dagata and Carlos Robles Gil - "And then god laughed" short film