Q: How do I prepare for a makeup?
A: It is very important to have your skin in the best possible condition.

Arrive with thoroughly cleansed skin to ensure there is no makeup residue left over. Skin and lips should be exfoliated, and moisturized prior to makeup application to ensure a smooth and flawless complexion. I will use products according to your skin type and concerns to create the best look for you.
Wear SPF to protect your skin from sun damage and tan lines... and skin cancer!
Refrain from using any new products in your skin care regime, skin treatments for 2-4 weeks prior to the appointment due to possible allergic reactions. It can take weeks for skin to heal from an allergic reaction. Please notify me if you have any allergies prior to makeup application.
Spray tanning usually looks most natural 3 days after it has been applied. Please consider this when scheduling any tanning services for your wedding or event, be sure to have a trial run with your spray tan so you know what to expect!

Absolutely no facial waxing less than 3 days before wedding date - makeup will not adhere to freshly waxed skin! Waxing can cause redness, bumps and peeling.

Q: Do you offer hair styling?
A: Yes, I do offer hairstyles as well.

Q: Do you offer eyes only or partial services?
A: I do not offer eyes only or partial services as the professional beauty look includes full makeup that is absolutely photograph ready! I want you looking your best throughout the whole event!

Q: What brands of makeup do you use?
A: All makeup products used are quality and professional brands that were designed to give long lasting results and photograph beautifully. Brands such as Graftobian, Viseart, Becca, Kryolan, Hourglass, The Balm, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, Mac, Make Up For Ever, Nars, Numeric Proof, Atelier Paris, MaqPro, Paese, Makeup Designory, Kim, Real Techniques, Zoeva, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat von D and more are all present in my kit.

Q: How do you keep your products sanitary?
A: It is very important to make sure that your makeup artist is sanitary. I take great pride in the cleanliness of my kit, brushes and all products used. Each product or brush is cleaned and sanitized before use on another client, as well as all makeup used.

Q: How do you choose the makeup look?
A: I am not a fan of Instagram looks. My purpose is not a makeover, so that no one will recognize you. My goal is to work with you to design a makeup style that brings your best features and personality forward. I will take into consideration everything: your skin tone, the color scheme you like or need, formulas and textures to look beautiful not only for the camera, but also for the naked eye. I use professional and innovative products in my kit to create for you the look and to make it last for as long as you need and more! If you want, you can bring me an inspiration photo of makeup looks you love. But please be sure the models skin tone and hair color are similar to your own, so that you have a realistic idea of a look suited for you.

Q: How do you choose the hair style?
A: I take into consideration everything: your style, the makeup look, your dress and event you are attending. We will discuss and choose a style to compliment your face shape, dress and harmoniously complete the makeup look. You are welcome to bring photos for inspiration. If you want that wow factor, feel free to bring your clip-in hair extensions.

Q: What should i bring with me at the bridal makeup trial ?
A: The following is a list of things you should bring to your wedding makeup trial: Inspiration photos of makeup looks you love. Be sure the models skin tone and hair color are similar to your own, so that you have a realistic idea of a look suited to you.
Photos of your dress.
Photos of your jewelry or directly the jewelry, if they are distinct (example: statement pieces).
Hair inspiration
New waterproof mascara (for sanitary reasons)
Your favorite makeup. Lipstick, blush, eyeshadow. This is so we can get an idea of a colors you feel confident in.
Come with a clean face, if possible. If that isn't an option, come 10 minutes before so you have time to cleanse skin. (I have products for you to cleanse your skin, so no worries)
Make a list of your everyday skincare you use, or bring them with you if possible. I need to know how good they are for you and to give you proper skincare advice.
Absolutely no facial waxing less than 2 days before wedding date - makeup will not adhere to freshly waxed skin!

Q: What should i bring with me at the bridal hair trial ?
A: The following is a list of things you should bring to your hair trial:
Veil or headpiece (if you have).
Clip in hair extensions if you would like to experiment (email me for more details).
Any hair jewelry you may be considering.
Photos of your jewelry or directly the jewelry, if they are distinct (example: statement pieces).
Come with clean, dry hair, washed the night before our trial.
If you would like a blow out, an additional fee will be applied.

Q: Makeup Artist Requirements
A: Please notify me before wedding date of any allergies that the bride or bridal party may have. If you are not a bride to be and booked a makeup application with me, same thing applies: please notify me, prior to our scheduled date, of any allergies and sensibilities you might have.
Please have a clean, open space with table (preferably near natural) light available for me upon arrival and 2 free chairs.
Please brush your teeth and take care of personal hygiene before your appointment time.
Please arrive with a clean face. Anyone who arrives with an unclean face will be required to wash their face before appointment starts, and your appointment will be shortened by the time it takes to avoid delay into the next appointment.
Please, no leaving the chair during makeup application. Please use the restroom, finish tasks etc. before or after your appointment

Q: Are your prices fixed? Is the cost of transportation included in my quote?
A: Please do note that prices displayed on my website are orientational. I always tailor the end price to your needs and demands, I consider everything involved before giving you the last quote.
Prices include travel costs in the city of Prague. Travel cost outside Prague is 0,40 Euro/4czk per kilometer from Prague border. For events outside Czech Republic, there are additional costs for travel time and food/accommodation expenses: price upon request
I offer on location services. This means I am ready to come to the location you chose, so that you can enjoy a maximum of comfort. There is always the option to have you as my guest in my studio, but usually I advise my bridal clients to have the trials on the same location as for the weeding day (it is better to mimic as much as possible for the trials the same conditions we will have on your wedding day, just to be aware of everything and prevent as much as possible the unexpected to happen - it will be easier for both of us if I am familiar with the location, the arrangement of the place, lighting conditions etc.)
I am open to any idea or suggestion you might have! Please feel free to bring photographs or magazine shoots that you like or that inspire you to your trials or consultations of make up or hair, or you can email me photos or links beforehand. Be sure the model's skin tone and hair color are similar to your own, so that you have a realistic idea of a look suited to you. Unfortunately, I am not a surgeon and I can't make you look 30 years younger, extremely light/extremely dark skin toned, modify drastically the proportions and shape of your face, give you another eye color. This is why, the more similar the model in the picture is to you, the more exact I can reproduce the vibe and overall look.
If you have extremely short hair (roughly below the ears or shorter) or extremely long hair (exceeds your waistline), we will set the price for hair-styling individually.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract?
A: If you love your look at the end of your trial, be prepared to sign a contract at the day of your trial. Since I do not hold wedding dates without contract and deposit, be ready to make a decision at the end of your service. The down payment of the contract is represented by the trial fees plus 500czk/20euro from the rest of the money required to be paid on the wedding day.

Q: How much time does it take you for a makeup application/hair style?
A: Please allow for 45 to 60 minutes per person for a makeup application (this time can be shorter, but it always depends on the condition of your skin - how much time I need for the skin prep and the type of false eyelashes I will apply - strip or individual). There are also some types of makeup that require an even longer period (eye looks that involve lots of texture and colors, such as pigments, cream eyeshadows etc., character makeup, historic makeup, tattoos or scars cover, body makeup etc.).
Hair styles usually require 30 to 45 minutes (but the time also depends on how long or short your hair is, how complex the hairstyle is, if you want any hair accessories etc.).

Q: When can I schedule a trial?
A: Basically any time my schedule allows, from Monday to Friday. If you'd like to schedule your trial on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, fees may apply. Dates and times are subject to availability. Please book your consultation in advance.

Q: How much do false lashes cost?
A: Basic False Lashes are available complimentary for those who book a makeup application for any look I find it necessary and if want them too.
Luxury Lashes are available for 20euro/500czk+.
Advance notice is required for clients wanting Luxury Lashes, subject to availability.

Q: What about touch ups?
A: All persons in the wedding party should be prepared with touch up essentials! I have you covered with my Touch Up Kits available for purchase. They are meant to keep you looking picture perfect from morning right into the next morning!
If you don't want to purchase my touch up kits, I recommend that each person should bring their own touch-up makeup throughout the day. Make your friends and family aware to bring for the long day their own lipstick, lip-gloss and any other essential makeup items with them for a quick retouch.

Q: When are you available ?
A: I am available around the clock for you and your needs.
However, bookings during holiday are subject to a holiday fee.
For early mornings (earlier than 7:00AM) and late nights (after 10:00PM) additional fees apply: 20euro/500czk per hour.

Q: How about Body & Tattoo Coverage?
A: Variable pricing. All body makeup will require a liability release form as well as a consultation to determine pricing.
Tattoo Coverage: from 1200czk per person (depends on the tattoo's dimension, complexity etc)