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12/08/2019 - Marison Rodriguez, Brno click for more

I love Roxy. She is an amazing person and make-up artist. She is very professional who woke up early for my early photoshoot at work. She made me comfortable and applied the most suitable make-up for the occasion. She is already an expert as a starter and can easily coach every lady who wanted to improve her makeup application skills. I find her improving each day. She has extensive knowledge on every skin care, it's contents and how and when to wear make-up. Highly recommended.

06/03/2019 - Albina Gibadulina, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan click for more

I've worked with Roxana on a project and it was really good time,because of the atmosphere,her kindness and knowledges! I've got a lot of information about my skin and makeup because of her! I was surprised how could I be beautiful with makeup! Great work! Thank you so much

05/03/2019 - Veronika Melanie, Kosice, Slovakia click for more

I worked with Roxana on one of her projects and it was an amazing experience! She was very friendly and made me feel super comfortable. The whole time while she was doing my makeup and hair we were chatting and she gave me great tips regarding makeup and skin care. I felt that the experience was very personal, and she made me feel beautiful with the makeup and hair :) I will definitely use Roxana's services in the future, and I recommend her to everyone as well.

07/02/2019 - Aneta Minolová, Praha click for more

Roxana is just wonderful! This was my second time having makeup from her and I was more than happy. We talked about what I want and she made it happend. She is sweet, kind and funny. She is also really profesional and her makeup skills are just perfect!

22/11/2018 - Lina Mrvíková Jordan, Quito-Ecuador click for more

She is a very energetic person with a nice personality winch for me made the make up sesión more enjoyable,all her instruments and make up were in a nice conditions very tady from the beginning to the end. I love the make up she did it for me she found the right colour for my skin and make me look pretty overall was a nice experience :)

21/11/2018 - Amaryllis Moore, Prague click for more

Really nice make up artist and very talented too. I loved my finish look and the difference it made to my face.

16/11/2018 - Aneta Minolová, Prague click for more

Roxana is an amazing makeup artist! She did two looks on me. Both pretty "natural". She used foundation perfect for my skin and the eyeshadows made my eye color really pop and shine! She is really kind and funny and just so nice.! I loved the look she created an I felt so beautiful! So thank you so much :). ❤️ Cz: Roxana je úžasná MUA! Líčila mě dvakrát a šlo o takové víc natural looky. Použila perfektní makeup pro mojí pleť a stíny mi úplně rozzářily barvu očí. Je milá, hodná a zábavná. Zamilovala jsem se do jejího stylu líčení a cítila jsem se opravdu krásně. Takže moc děkuju a doporučuju. ❤️

14/11/2018 - Mujalint Filippi, Bangkok click for more

Roxana is a perfectionist make up artist. She is working with all detail that matter especially for the skin tone that need to match with your natural skin complex. The products that she used is good for your skin since they are not too thick or too thin and definitely last long up till you go to the bed without melting or oily. Her designed look for me is fantastic to enhance my natural beauty yet spark with something special to make you become in the spotlight! I really highly recommend her for any kind of occasions to put you on the highlight of your life!

11/11/2018 - Max Rattner, San Francisco, California click for more

Superb make up artist and very nice person! Gave me some excellent skincare tips after the shoot too. I was sad to have to go back to my old face! 😂

11/11/2018 - Magnus Olsson Häll, Borlänge, Sweden click for more

Available at short notice, very affordable, accurate and over all a nice person.

11/11/2018 - Zaneta Zmeskalova, Prague click for more

Roxana did 2 make-up looks and 2 hairstyles in like 3 hours and they were amazing!I couldn´t have been happier. I´m not really the makeup person,I just use mascara and that´s it,but when i saw how i looked like,it was sooo amazing!Thank you so much.It was a pleasure for me to meet somebody like Roxana,she is very talented and also very kind.

23/07/2018 - Ruxandra Simion, Bucharest click for more

If you are looking for someone who does a fresh looking, qualitative, long lasting and classy makeup, look no further. Roxi is very professional and enthusiastic in what she does. As someone who’s had stubborn acne for a long time, and a dry complexion, I was really mesmerised by Roxi’s skill of providing a fresh and healthy look to my skin, but yet full coverage. I myself am a makeup junkie (by no means professional) but I have never had such flawless looking skin with so little product. Moreover I was very pleased with her attention towards hygiene. She also emphasised my features in such an amazing way, that I was delighted to discover a “new”, better looking version of myself, after each makeup session with her. Not only is she really talented and dedicated to makeup, but she also possesses a lot of knowledge in skincare products and ingredients. So each time, she pays extra attention to preparing the skin before applying any makeup. During my three sessions with her, she also shared some tips and tricks with me, and ever since, my overall skin condition improved. The makeup sessions are anywhere in between 2 or 3 hours for a glam makeup sessions, given she pays attention to detail. But she is such a sweet person and a nice company you won’t really realise how much time has elapsed, and the final result is totally worth the wait.

16/07/2018 - Němejc Karel, Prague click for more

Dear Roxana, I am very happy to have the chance to meet you, it was a nice and easy going day. Thank you so much for your fast reply - recommendations and explanations, I really apreciate your professional approach and care. I will try to follow your tips, and I have saved your contact so that I could use your services if needed in the future. Wishing you a wonderful week Karel

07/05/2018 - Ioana Simion, Bucharest click for more

Roxana did my make up for my graduation party and I couldn't have been happier! She explained all the steps, she gave me a lot of good advice in terms of skin care and make up routine, she was extremely patient and sweet. The final result was amazing! Loved that she used high quality products and after an entire night of partying my make up still looked flawless in the morning! Looking forward to see her work her magic on my make up again

21/04/2018 - Ana R, Prague click for more

In 3 hours, Roxana taught me how to do my daily make up. She advised on products, styles and let me try it all under her professional supervision. I think this is the exact amount of time required to go through all the basic steps, and from the conversation I felt that Roxana was just touching the tip of the iceberg, going deeper with explanations and knowledge whenever I was curious to know more. I recommend her to anyone who wants to be sure to have a proper, custom made make up style.

07/04/2018 - Florentina Boboc, Pitesti click for more

Un machiaj de zi lejer, care rezista toată ziua, nu se simte greu pe fata lăsând pielea sa respire. Pe lângă faptul că Roxana este o fire prietenoasă, iti da o mulțime de sfaturi benefice tipului de ten. Abia astept sa ne revedem pentru un nou machiaj!???

05/03/2018 - Larisa Lazarovici, Bucharest click for more

New Year's eve, make-up for the party to come. Roxana has done a wonderfull job. I don't normally wear makeup and I've discussed this with Roxana. She was very patient in explaining the process. It was a very fun afternoon and the result was wonderful: it was a colourful makeup and I felt confortable wearing it. :)

26/12/2017 - Oana Androi click for more

She's very careful and meticulous. I loved her makeup style, as well as the reccomendations she gave for my type of skin. They totally worked! I definitely reccomend her!

13/12/2017 - Jana Michnová, Brno click for more

Rada bych se podekovala Roxane za skvely make-up vhodny pro denne noseni. Jeji praci muzu jen odporucit, je precizni a da si zalezet na tom aby jste vypadali skvele a make up vam vydrzel cely den. I would like to thank Roxana for a great make-up she did for me. I can only recommend her as a make-up artist. She is skilfull and she takes care of you to look the best as you can. The make up she does is long-lasting, so you do not have to worry to be without it after couple of hours.

23/11/2017 - Simona Toadet, Bucharest click for more

If you are looking for a make-up artist who is going to make your dreams come true in terms of any kind of make-up you have found her. Roxana Popa is a perfectionist who will chose the best options and will use only the best products for your skin. Skilled and tallented, she will always find the best way to make you shine no matter what the occasion. P. S. I have especially appreciated her patience and her detail-oriented atention. I highly recommend her.

23/11/2017 - Catalina Ciuca, Timisoara click for more

I am not a big make up person, but after knowing Roxana Popa and working with her, I was simply falling in love with the idea of makeup. I was looking for someone who could make me look gorgeous, but also natural. Roxi was able to do that and a lot more. She is very professional, efficient and patient and she is making sure that you are more than satisfied with the whole makeup. I think that she is like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, she waves her makeup brush and it’s pure magic! I told her that I was allergic to one ingredient and she literally researched all of her products to make sure that I was not exposed to the ingredient. She is using quality products and trust me that she knows a lot about skincare. From her I learned about SPF, azelaic acid, hyaluronic acid, AHA & BHA exfoliants, Retinol (vit. A) and a lot of other skincare products which are now always present in my life. So you don’t get only a professional make up, but a complete transformation of your skin. I highly recommend her services, because she is a pro and trust me that you won’t be disappointed!

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